Frequently asked questions


  • Do you use filtered water? 

    We purify our water using reverse osmosis filtration which removes sodium, fluoride, and other impurities.

  • What is reverse osmosis filtration?

    Reverse osmosis filtration is a purification process that removes harmful impurities and contaminants by using pressure to push water through a semi-permeable membrane.

  • Do you test for PFAs? 

    We purify our water using reverse osmosis filtration, which removes impurities like fluoride, sodium, and heavy metals. At Nixie, we do specifically test for PFAS. 

  • Is Nixie organic?

    All of our sparkling waters are USDA Certified Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified.

  • What is in your organic flavors?  

    Our organic flavors are extracted from the named fruits and botanicals and are the essences and aromatics of these plants versus the juice. Organic flavors follow the same strict processing and auditing rules as all organic ingredients and can’t contain synthetic solvents like propylene glycol, BHA/BHT, polysorbate 80, hexane or sodium benzoate that can exist in conventional flavors. We also purify our water using reverse osmosis filtration which removes fluoride, sodium, and other impurities, and test for PFAs. 

  • Do your organic flavors contain allergens? 

    Not only are the organic flavors in our sparkling waters not derived from any of the top eight allergens, but they also do not contain any allergenic proteins of any kind. The only allergen in the facility is coconut. 

  • Do your waters contain sweeteners? 

    Our sparkling waters do not contain any sugar or sweeteners of any kind, just certified organic flavors and reverse-osmosis purified water! 

  • Are your cans BPA-free?

    Yep! All of our sparkling waters are packaged in infinitely recyclable aluminum cans that have a BPA-free liner inside.

  • Which products have caffeine?

    Peach Black Tea and Pomegranate Green Tea flavored sparkling waters are both lightly caffeinated and contain organic caffeine from green tea. Peach Black Tea contains 30mg of caffeine — equal to about one cup of tea — while Pomegranate Green Tea has 15mg of caffeine, about half a cup of tea. All of our other sparkling water flavors are caffeine-free.

  • Where can I buy Nixie?

    Nixie is available in all 50 states! Find us in Sprouts, Whole Foods Markets, Safeway, Albertsons, Kroger, Publix, Natural Grocers, LIDL, Stop & Shop, The Giant Company, and more. To find Nixie at a store near you, please enter your zip code into our Store Locator.

  • Is Nixie vegan?

    Yes, Nixie is vegan!