A Refreshing Twist on Sparkling WaterA Refreshing Twist on Sparkling Water
Why Organic Matters to MeWhy Organic Matters to Me
0 Calories 0 Sugar 0 Sodium
Watermelon Mint
Lime Ginger
Peach Black Tea
Pomegranate Green Tea

Teas & Botanicals, A Refershing Twist on Sparkling Water

Watermelon Mint, Peach Black Tea, Lime Ginger, Pomegranate Green Tea

As a lover of both sparkling water and home-brewed tea, I started creating my own combination of the two in my kitchen. Our Teas & Botanicals flavors use delicious infusions of organically caffeinated green and black tea and organic botanicals like zingy ginger and refreshing mint.

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Watermelon Mint, Peach Black Tea, Lime Ginger, Pomegranate Green Tea
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The Classics, Just-picked Fruit Taste

Grapefruit, Lemon, Lime

Our Classic Sparkling Water flavors are delicious, USDA Certified Organic and made without synthetic mystery-filled flavors. Refreshing on their own, I also love our Classics when used in a Nixie Mixie! Follow us on Instagram to see some delicious recipes.

Certification Badges
Grapefruit, Lemon, Lime
Nicole Bernard Dawes
Nicole Bernard Dawes
Founder & CEO

Why Organic Matters to Me

Growing up on the counter of my mother’s natural food store in the 1970s and the factory floor of my father’s company Cape Cod Potato Chips, I knew that becoming a natural products entrepreneur was my destiny. In 2003, I founded Late July Snacks – one of the first brands to carry the USDA Organic seal. I’ve dedicated my life to transforming the food industry by creating delicious, organic options.

Now, I am proud to bring you Nixie so you can trust that the sparkling water you’re buying for you and your family doesn’t have any synthetic mystery-filled ingredients! I hope you enjoy our delicious and refreshing sparkling waters!


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